Glossybox - July 2012

Hello and Happy August! This month's Glossybox centers around the theme Summer Nights. Perfect for August since I always think of back to school shopping, sizzling days and trying to enjoy every possible minute of daylight while the days get shorter and shorter.

GlossyMag (not pictured)

Sebastian - Color Ignite Muti Tone Shampoo - smart color moisture complex targets color-treated hair to moisturize and restructure hair fibers

Sebastian - Color Ignite Multi Tone Conditioner - a micro bubble conditioner (comes in a mousse-like can) wraps around hair strands leaving behind lasting color and vibrant shine

Alessandro Intl - Pedix Heel Rescue Balm - German foot cream provides intense hydration and protection

Senna Cosmetics - Double Dose Lip Lacquer - this shiny lip gloss contains light reflecting pigments to make your lips appear fuller and hydrated. Vitamins and Jojoba Oil provide extra conditioning

Blushed - fragrance towelette

Figs & Rouge - Lip, Face & Body Balm - multi-use product to soften and protect skin

First off,  you know how I feel about perfume samples. But, I must say, I'm coming around. I really like this one. And I like the towelette concept. Blushed features red currant, vanilla, lemon and spicy ginger. I kind of want to eat it, too.

I don't color my hair, so I scooped the hair products up for a friend I was seeing last night and I'll let you know if her hair turns irresistibly shiny and vibrant (not that it already isn't, though!)

I'm that girl who is fanatical about feet. They must always be clean, polished and soft. I scrub and buff them in the shower so I love anything foot related to try out. Like many foot creams, this smells like peppermint. (I will never understand) The fragrance is light, so that is nice. This seems quite moisturizing without being greasy which is perfect for summer since you are usually throwing a pair of sandals on after.

How crazy am I over this dual lip gloss?! Love myself some coral. This has a super-duper thick consistency that you can't really swipe on without looking. It's sheer enough but you really need to spread it around. Once you do, though, WHOA! This lasts all freaking day. I wish it came with less sparkle ("light-reflecting pigment") but it's not an obnoxious amount so I'll get over it.

Love the concept of the balm in a sweet vintage-y tin. Not really loving the geranium scent.

Overall - I'm a bit 'meh' on this box. Other than the gloss and the perfume surprise, there was nothing that I was losing my mind over.

Do you get Glossybox? What are your thoughts?


wearingmascara said...

Sorry you felt "meh" about this months's box! The toilets are intriguing :-) I don't get any beauty subscriptions but I do love living through you and your boxes! :-)

Modern Musings said...

You know you don't need any, you can come over and raid the beauty box anytime. haha

Christina said...

I know it sounds crazy but with all of this 90 degree weather I think I am ready for fall. I really could use the heel rescue balm. My heels are cracking badly.

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