I Fell In Love With Ruby Sparks (and you will too)

real life couple - Zoe Kazan & Paul Dano {via}
Maybe it's this whole Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing.
Instantly from the previews, I knew Ruby Sparks was different. She had the same MPDG carriage, but something was more....real.
Thanks to Fox Searchlight, the husband and I were able to preview the movie on Thursday. This worked out perfect since we were planning to see it anyway. 

I'm now obsessed with Zoe Kazan as Ruby Sparks. She's headstrong, witty and carefree. But she was written by a woman. Zoe Kazan who plays Ruby, wrote the screenplay and co-starred with real-life love Paul Dano. 

The movie could've been saccharinly sweet or a complete bore. The premise, boy meets girl, falls in love and possibly loses girl has all been done before. 

But not like this. This is not your typical love story. 

Dano, as Calvin, is brilliant. He's a successful writer who is struggling on writing his next book. His therapist advises him to write about someone who likes his (Calvin's) dog. In turn, he writes about Ruby. Then Ruby comes to life. His creation is real and perfect and everything he ever wanted. That is, until real life gets in the way. Ruby starts becoming more and more real. She has thoughts and feelings of her own and instead of changing his behavior he attempts to rewrite her. Which, of course, goes very hysterically wrong.

Paul Dano & Chris Messina {via}
Told with humor and sharpness, this is a story about relationships. How they evolve. How they start out fun and whimsical and without concern for reality. But what happens when that wears off and everyday life gets in the way of this fantastic love you've found? If you don't know how to balance them both you will lose it all.

This could be a heavy message. But it's not. It's incredibly fun and I found myself laughing out loud on many occasions. The casting is smart with Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas playing the laid-back hippie parents and Chris Messina as Calvin's older brother.

Annette Bening & Zoe Kazan {via}

I'm heading back out to see Ruby Sparks once more with a girlfriend. I never see movies more than once. But this is way too much fun to resist.

In theaters now.

::Disclosure: I was invited to a preview of this movie by Fox Searchlight. Read my preview post here::

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Can we go see this together? Please and thank you.

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