I'm A Hypocrite

...because of these.

Merona Mali flat (also avail in mint for $19.99)

I bought them. I couldn't help myself. They were on clearance for $5.98, hot pink, my exact size and sitting at the end of the candle section at Target.

I bemoan anything that is a knockoff, a fake. Inspired by? Sure. But a complete knockoff? (I'm talking to you J.Crew bubble necklace made in china for $18 on ebay!) NO WAY.

I wanted these. In hot pink.

Damala Flat - DV by Dolce Vita $78.95

But then, I swear, the Target version just jumped into my basket before I could say no.

The only other pair of Target shoes I own are these. Which were shockingly, incredibly comfortable. I also bemoan cheap shoes. They are rarely comfortable and what you save in price you make up for in discomfort. I have no patience for people who wear uncomfortable shoes or complain how their feet hurt.

But I did it anyway. They kind of remind me of the Gap ballet flats in terms of comfort. Not great, but not terrible. Which is ok since I won't be wearing them every day.

Not like these.

Madewell Sidewalk Skimmer $135

Which I will be wearing every day. And are so insanely snuggly on your feet they feel like slippers. You cannot just buy one pair. That's how great they feel.

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Allison M. said...

I had these dark red leather flats with zipper accents on them that were probably $20 from Target a few years ago. They only lasted a season but were AWESOME!

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