Simple Summer Sides - Herbed Squash Ribbons

Every summer we are inundated with zucchini and squash. I'm always trying new recipes so we're not eating it the same way every time. My favorite his summer has been squash ribbons. It doesn't matter if you use zucchini or yellow squash or combine them. For two people I use 2 medium sized squash. This dish is super easy, taking just about 5 mins to cook.

Squash ribbons: cut one end off squash and use vegetable peeler to make ribbons, stopping when you get to the seeds. Rotate and do this for the remaining 3 sides.

Step 1
Heat 1 TBSP olive oil over med-high heat in large saute pan
Add: 1 small shallot, chopped and ribbons from 2 squash
Saute over medium-high heat 2 mins

Step 2
Add 1/4 cup mixed chopped herbs

Step 3
Saute for 2-3 mins, squash will begin to shrink a bit in volume

Step 4
Add 1 TBSP freshly grated parmesan cheese
Season to your liking with bit of sea salt or pepper.

What are your favorite squash recipes?


Amy said...

Sunday morning muffins, substituting carrots with zucchini! :)

I also like them roasted...or grilled...

Wearing Mascara said...

Nom! Looks great! I am a big fan of spaghetti squash!

Sarah @Cooker Girl said...

I never think to cut them in ribbons when I saute zucchini and squash. Great idea!

I love zucchini in all forms: grilled, roasted, stuffed, quick bread, pizza. Yum!

Becca @ Peace, Love & Bagels said...

brilliant! I am making these tonight!!!

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

This sounds so tasty! Adding it to the Fresh Fork recipe list!

Casandra said...

Yum! Sounds delish! :) Thanks for the recipe.

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