Celebrating 100 Years of the West Side Market

In another of the many fantastic events to commemorate the West Side Market Centennial, Sunday was the much anticipated parade and festival.

The day started out chilly and dry, but by the time we were ready to leave it started to rain. Not wanting to deal with the parking frenzy, we took our bikes. Cue up the rain poncho. (For me. The husband is too cool for said poncho and truth be told, his hair wouldn't get ruined in the rain anyway)

They had an entire street closed off for bike parking and even had a valet so you didn't need to worry about locking your bike up or anything. If it wasn't raining this place would have been packed.

Every where else was packed and I was thankful that my girlfriends and their husbands arrived earlier and grabbed us a table in the lower level pub at Great Lakes Brewing Co.

The Husband & I.
I wussed out on having Nosferatu and went with Oktoberfest for breakfast.
Market Avenue; posing in our fall best.

The rain didn't keep anyone away and the streets were packed with food and fun. We strolled a bit, stopped by SOHO to say a quick hello to Charlene, then headed over to Nano Brew, which has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood. Mainly because of these: 

Jen went with the Penny-farthing, Amanda had the Fixie,
 and I stuck to my favorite, the Squeaky Wheel.

Scott, Amanda, Jen, Matthew, Chris & me

Then we headed into the Market for a bit and it was exciting to see them open on a Sunday.

We strolled and chatted up the vendors. They were just as excited as we were and told stories of the recent visit with the President and fun/crazy/memorable times over the years.

Wanting to get my shopping fix on we headed into Room Service where I proceeded to oooh and ahhh over everything to the point that my husband had to practically drag me out.

...but it's all so darling!

and these would be perfect in our Ohio City kitchen!

Food trucks lined the area south of Lorain.

 All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon and the rain didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits. Cheers to another 100 years!


MoninaW said...

Sunday funday! Wish I could have made it down there yesterday. And PS you look fabulous in every pic!

Katie O. said...

This last picture of you is gorgeous! Go you for making it despite the weather. I was cozied up with my textbooks- thanks for being so fabulous that I can live vicariously thru you!

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

You all are ultra fabulous in these photos. So happy you all got to experience such a festive day together!

danielle said...

you're adorable! thanks for the Room Service love! xo danielle

Becky {The Pumpkin Spot} said...

This looked so fun! Wish I could have gone. The last pic of you is super amazing and you need to have that somewhere in your blog- love it!

Allison M. said...

I finally pulled myself out of my apartment and headed up there for some beers and burgers at Nano Brew. The Fixie was good and so was the Squeaky wheel and the breakfast burger was delicious. BUT I would do without the pepper bacon.

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