Zoya Rekha

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Zoya Rekha has quickly become my go-to holiday red polish. The perfect balance for me has always been a shade that is not too orange or not too blue based. I picked this up when they released their NYFW 2012 sets as it was part of the designer collection sampler set. Rekha is an opaque creme and if you're into shimmer, you should check out Elisa, which is quite similar in color but with added metallic micro-glitter.

Zoya Rekha - artificial light
Zoya Rekha - natural light
With the Anchor base and top coat, this lasted 5 days without a single chip and still looked fantastic and glossy after a week (with only the original chip that needed to be touched up). 

What's your go-to holiday color this year?

::Disclosure - I was gifted another bottle of this polish along with the base and top coat c/o Zoya. As always, all musings are my own::


Allison M. said...

I'm still a fan of nudes all the time, including holidays, but I may throw on a glitter top coat for a bit of sparkle. My nails chip SOOO easily so if I have a nude color on, it's not AS noticeable.

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

I need a nail polish lesson. I have all the good now, now I just need some help. You make it look so easy, lady!

Kelly said...

Ugh! How the heck do you avoid chips so well!? Even gel chips on my hands!

Modern Musings said...

I don't know! ha. I always (always) do a base coat, 2 coats of polish, and a top coat. For gel/shellac I only trust one manicurist and it lasts over 2 weeks. Good luck!

shades of voguish said...

I love Zoya nail polish. Do you know where I can buy them besides Dino Palmieri salon or online store?


Modern Musings said...

Hi! They sell it at Ulta as well. Love your blog.

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