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I'm not a facial kind of girl. I used to think I was. I would go in with hopes of supple, clear, refreshed skin and come out with red, splotchy skin that would break out for days on end. I tried, but it just wasn't for me. "You have to go on a regular basis" my friends would tell me. But I could never quite get over the fact that I was spending money to have my skin look worse, not better, and I just couldn't get past the 'purge stage'.

Last November, Bluemercury asked me to come in for a complimentary facial and I was excited. If there was any company I would give one last shot to, it was Bluemercury. I had already been into their newest (and only Ohio located) store at Eton Collection in Woodmere back in September to stock up on my favorites that I used to order from their website. I was quite intrigued and thought I'd give it a go. But scheduling conflicts prohibited me from getting an appointment right away and I finally made it in last week. Only I would take 3 months to schedule a facial. Turns out, they wanted to get me in to see a particular esthetician and we both had off on Sundays and Mondays.

I arrived on a Wednesday morning ready for my treatment. I was immediately greeted and whisked away to relax and change into a robe, towel and slippers. I was instantly put at ease with questions about my skin type, concerns and expectations for this facial. Pampering, relaxing, exfoliating and nourishing, please!

I received the You Glow Girl Facial and let me just tell you, it was SUBLIME. The facial started with a precleanse followed by a thorough cleanse, steam cloths and extractions. Applications of their signature M-61 Power Pro Peel and Fast Blast Mask, Vitamin-C serum treatment and oxygen therapy. In between all of this I was coaxed into massive relaxation with heated spa table and numerous, glorious massaging of my shoulders, neck, arms and hands. I was so relaxed by the end I was nearly unconscious.

This woman was an angel. Sent from the heavens. My face was not red and splotchy. It was even-toned, firm and, shall-I-say, positively glowing. I couldn't stop staring. After I made my way back into the retail store the entire process was explained to me. I was still in awe of my supple, radiant skin and couldn't stop staring at any mirror I walked passed.

Days later I noticed that my skin never went through that weird purge stage that left me with breakouts I didn't have to begin with. I have found my holy-grail facial and I will definitely be back.

In the mean time I scooped up the M-61 Fast Blast Mask to use at home in between treatments.

Not only do they have an array of facials for every skin type, they also offer waxing, brow styling and massages.

Once you get your skin in order, be sure to check out all the fantastic beauty and skincare products they carry. I really appreciate that all store associates are highly knowledgable in the products they carry (unlike some other beauty retailers).

bluemercury faves

Be sure to reserve a spot at one of their Spring Makeover Parties featuring NARS, Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown & Laura Mercier.

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