CND Vinylux 7 Day Review

As a huge Shellac fan, I about fell off my chair when I heard about Vinylux, the new weekly polish from CND.  Vinylux is a new polish system that requires, no basecoat, no UV curing, lasts for seven days and can be removed the old-fashioned way. Is it too good to be true?


I love Shellac, Gelish, OPI Gelcolor and all other forms of gel polish for their unsurpassable shine and durability. The drawback being the removal and UV curing. I love painting my nails and have amassed quite a color collection, but seem to stick with gel polish simply because it can be time consuming to change my polish every 4-5 days when it starts to chip or peel.

Vinylux claims:
no basecoat
no uv/lamp curing
weeklong shine and wear
a topcoat that strengthens and increases shine in sunlight, no fading
8.5 minute dry time
62 color collection

The Test:
I rang my manicurist right up and had her pick some up for me. At the time I could only find it on amazon, ebay and salon-direct sites. Sarah picked up a few of my favorite CND colors and a some new ones. (Hello Pink Bikini and Lobster Roll!)
Application was easy and quick, no basecoat (the polish is self-adhering), 2 coats of polish and the Weekly Top Coat.

** I broke the nail on my ring finger after a very competitive game of tabletop air hockey with Mrs. Rome. See photo of day 2. The good news was that it was a clean break. I filed a small bit down and incurred no additional chipping due to the break**

Left Hand:
CND Vinylux Pink Bikini 
I'm right handed so it's easier for me to photograph my left hand. But my right hand did get more wear. It wore about the same until the last few days when obvious chipping occurred.

Right Hand:

CND Vinylux - Day 7 & 8

I used my usual polish remover, Zoya Remove + and the polish came right off. I was concerned about stains since there was no basecoat, but there were none.

Overall I'm in love. Vinylux lives up to it's claims and gets me through 7 days without having to change my polish.


Vinylux is available for retail purchase at salons that carry CND products. The wholesale cost is the same as a typical polish (OPI, Essie, Zoya) so I expect the retail to run between $8-$9. 


Mom said...

Loved your review about Vinylux! I would definitely consider using it in the future. Right now, I am enjoying the Shellac polish. I am lazy about doing my nails and love being able to go 3 weeks between visits. XXOO

Blog-The New Black said...

GREAT review! I had no idea about this stuff and can't wait to try it out! Seems super low maintenance.

Sourire11 said...

That sounds too good to be true! I can usually eek 7 days out of a mani but I use both base and top coats but it looks pretty sad by the end. I def need to check this out!

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

I must try this! You know how I love my Shellac! Sorry to be a nail breaker, but all's fair in tabletop air hockey ;-)

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Not having to suffer through shellac removal makes this a Must Try! Thanks for being our guinea pig - I'll definitely check it out.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at Pink Bikini to wear on my wedding day. You better believe this bride is going to have pink nails!

Dina's Days said...

Are you serious! I'm gonna try this.

CLEshopaholic said...

Whaaaaaat?! Game. Changer.

Thresa said...

I tried Vinylux Grapefruit. Unfortunately, even with 2 coats of the top coat and capping the edge, it still chips a little on my index finger on the right hand on the 2nd day (I’m a rght-handed person) . But the polish stays on the left hand fingers all week. I guess I worked very hard with my right hand so the polish chip easily.

Frances-NC said...

Love love love this product it does exactly what it claims to do. I bought this product to use at home between visits to the salon. No damage easy to use and cost is less than Shellac.. using Hot Chili #20. Will definitely buy more colors. I work in medical office and it did last 7 days even washing my hands and using hand sanitizer many times a day. Great product!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't use anything else

Unknown said...

I have been wearing mine for 9days and chips are minimal

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