That Time Bethenny Frankel Sent Me To NYC

Hi dolls! Remember how excited I was when I got to meet Bethenny Frankel when her Calling All My Girls Tour made it's stop in Cleveland? Well, imagine how elated I was when her PR peeps sent me an email with a special surprise. It was a video from Bethenny saying the fun wasn't over quite yet and that she was bringing me to New York for the premiere of her new talk show.

Let the squealing ensue. I immediately rang my girl, Charlene. After a few emails, much screaming and some serious luck, both of us were on our way to the Big Apple courtesy of the Bethenny show. We had 3 full days in the city and did I mention it was right at the start of Fashion Week?!

I could tell you just how fab it was, but I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Our hotel, The W Times Square: view from my room / relaxing in the lobby / enjoying my first PSL of the season /
me & Charlene in the middle of it all

You can never go wrong with rooftop cocktails: Ava Lounge at the Dream Hotel / Upstairs at The Kimberly

at the taping of Bethenny / her gorgeous set / premiere party

Bethenny knows how to throw a party: surprise! It's Salt-N-Pepa / The lady of the evening /
Sirens of Soho rocking it out / fab little nooks to relax & chat

Incredible eats from Aureole & The Spotted Pig / Saturday in Central Park

NYFW Street Style

the scene at Lincoln Center 

::Disclosure - Accommodations, airfare and spending money were provided by the Bethenny show. Tickets to a show taping as well as invitations to the premiere party were included. I was not asked to tweet, blog, instagram of facebook anything. Just have a fabulous time::


trihrdrgrl said...

So jealous of this!!! said...

OF COURSE you were excited!!!!! I just saw that she is following you on Pinterest, that's how I came upon your blog. She started following us "Too Cheap Blondes" last week and I was celebrating that but to go to her show is AWESOME!!!

Kristian said...

Okay so I'm even jealous after the Dream Hotel (which I love) and Salt n Pepa!

Rachael said...

WHAAAAT! So fun! Love your photos!

Mom said...

Loved all the photos! Looks like it was a fabulous time!

Dina's Days said...

Gurl you are so fab.

Holly said...

What a fun opportunity! This was perfect for you!

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