Darby Smart Makes DIY Delightful

I'm not a crafty girl. I have friends that can whip up just about everything from party decor to fab gifts to a new clutch in mere minutes. This is not me. Not only am I not DIY inclined, I simply don't have the patience. Enter Darby Smart. A company out of San Francisco that curates stylish DIY kits for the rest of us. Prices start at $19 and each kit contains everything you need to create something fun.

Through a Klout perk, I received the Soy Candle Designer Starter Set. ($24) The set came with everything you'd need to make 4 scented votive soy candles. I received french vanilla and pumpkin spice scented oil along with red, blue and yellow dye. The instructions take you step by step and there was, realistically, very little chance even I could mess this up. I had two holiday candles that I loved last year and was excited to reuse their holders.

Ta-da! I did it!

Other boxes include coasters, vases, jewelry and more and would make fantastic gifts for the holiday. So if you're looking to create something handmade and heartfelt and don't want it to look like a 4 year old made it*, order yourself a Darby Smart kit.
Darby Smart: Monogram CoastersGold Statement Bracelet
Chic Striped Vase  / Love & Scotch Decanter Set

*no offense to four year olds. They have way more talent than I do.

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