Smitten with Pittsburgh? Part Two

When Part One of this story left off it was all about the duck. But Pittsburgh had more fun in store for

After walking around the gorgeous Point State Park we paid a quick visit to the historic Fort Pitt Block House. We were just about ready for an afternoon libation when we happened upon Market Square. A refuge smack in the middle of downtown, Market Square mixes the old with the new and is filled with restaurants, public art and boutiques. The space also holds many events throughout the year including a seasonal farmer's market all amid a beautiful skyscraper backdrop. Cocktails were had on the patio at NOLA on the Square and was a perfect mid day retreat.

Market Square / Duquesne Incline by day / The Hickens and the Romes in Point State Park

After wandering the city all morning and afternoon, we headed back to the hotel for some rest before heading out for the evening. Being that we wanted to see the duck in all it's glory at night, we decided on heading up the Duquesne Incline for dinner at Bella Vista. Considering they were set to have the most amazing view, it was a no brainer and we quickly learned that Pittsburgh is quite the stunning lady when the lights go down.

Bella Vista came through with the as-promised gorgeous view and great service. The food was decent, but we all knew (and were more than ok with) the fact that we were paying for that aerial view. Some of us more than others. In the pic below Scott couldn't tear himself away from staring out at the duck to be photographed with Amanda and I and it became the theme of the evening.

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OH: I still love you. But there’s also the duck. cc: @Husbanonymous @ADHicken #rubberduckproject #LovePGH

Duquesne Incline by night / Scott paying us no attention whatsoever / Pittsburgh by night
Bella Vista / Jen & Matthew

Sunday morning we all slept in a bit and checked out of our hotel rooms with one thing in mind. Sunday Church. Church Brew Works to be exact. What better place to have Sunday brunch than a brewery inside a church? The food and drink are all worth a trip and it will definitely be on my list when I go back.

Church Brew Works

After brunch, Jen and Matthew bid adieu and Scott, Amanda and I headed over to check out the Carnegie Museum of Art. Originally I wanted to stop by the Andy Warhol museum but when we found out that the 2013 Carnegie International had just returned (it only comes around every 5 years or so) we knew we had to visit. My favorite exhibits included the Bidoun Library, Disarm: Pedro Reyes and Joel Sternfeld. The Carnegie International runs through March.

A glimpse of Disarm by Pedro Reyes / Outdoor installation by Phyllida Barlow
Permanent exhibits of the Carnegie Museum

So am I SMITTEN with Pittsburgh? Yes. Will I be returning? Yes!! (Just maybe not during football season)
:Disclosure - I was invited by Visit Pittsburgh to experience their city. Accommodations as well as spending money were provided and I was asked to share my adventure on social media through the #LovePGH tag. All musings are my own:: 

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