Saying Goodbye to September

I'm the girl who is pining over fall fashion in late July. The girl who is irritated when temps (and humidity) rise above 80. The girl who could live in snow boots and scarves. So why is it I'm having the hardest time welcoming fall this year? Perhaps our extremely mild (and yes, rainy) summer has something to do with it but this gorgeous mid-70 degree fall we're having is nothing short of perfect. It may also be because September was such fun that I simply don't want it to end. 

JUKEBOX is my newest neighborhood haunt. 

Labor Day taught me that if you're two years old Uncle Chris will do as many cannonballs as you request. The husband & nephew. I can't even.

Celebrating 26 fantastic years of Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Ushering in Fall and a new Browns season all while raising money for the Cleveland Food Bank at Taste of the Browns.
Clockwise from top left: The Hodge's crew / All the delights from Urban Farmer / Two of my
favorites - Cassandra & Alicia / Hodges shrimp & grits was a crowd pleaser / Everything you could
imagine to dip in chocolate (try the rice krispie treats!) from Chocolate Bar

Farewell September. Next time you see me I'll be the white girl in her Hunter wellies drinking a PSL.

::Disclosure -  I received two tickets to Taste of the Browns c/o the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. As always, all musings are my own::

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