Midweek Musings 5.29.19

Welcome to Midweek Musings, a feature that will spotlight a few things that I'm currently loving. Feel free to reach out and share the things that you are loving too, whether they make your life easier or just let you escape for a few minutes of your day.

If you haven't already binged this - stop what you're doing right now - and get to it.
Think Grace and Frankie (but in their forties) meets Big Little Lies filmed with a slight Russian Doll vibe. An honest look at widowhood, secrets, life, and friendship. Grab some wine and tuck into this. 

SanPellegrino Momenti - Clementine & Peach
Not only is this light, fresh and delicious, but it isn't overly sweet. It has only 35 calories and 7g of sugar. I can see this being the perfect base for a summertime spritzer.

Series Soundtracks

When you can't decide if you love the show or the soundtrack more.
Case in Point:

My love for the Tory Miller sandal is no secret. I received my first pair almost 10 years ago and have amassed quite the collection since. (BTW - that first pair is still going strong!) But when you start seeing dupes nearly everywhere you start looking for a new staple. 

Enter the Tory Burch Patos. My husband actually picked these up in black for me - loving that they were logo-free, except that gorgeous gold double T on the footbed. 

Girls, these are comfortable from the get-go. No breaking in required. So much so, that when they price-matched at Nordstrom I picked up another color straight away. Get your usual Miller size. For me that's a 1/2 size up. I'm always a 6 1/2 but a 7 in Tory's sandals. 

Happy Wednesday darlings!

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