Rules I Live My Life By

After going through good times and rough times. Pulling myself up through storms I never imagined could ever exist in my life, and being humbled by the people who support and love me on a consistent basis, I've learned a few things.

Oddly enough - these aren't so different from my feelings about life from before such struggles. That's when you know you're being true to your core. There is always room to learn, to be humbled, to be better. But to be honest, there is a hell of a lot of room for joy and fun. To be honest learning all of this in an effort to be the best person you can wouldn't be worth it without all of that, right? 

So, grab your martinis girls, because here is my very enlightened list of 

Modern Rules to Live By

Focus on the small details - they make all the difference

Do everything in life with grace, style & a bit of wit

Don't take yourself too seriously

Don't let anyone take you for granted

Have fun. Be a bit ridiculous. Be kind, be humble

Never fall out of love

When you stop taking care of yourself, yourself stops taking care of you

Always choose the high heels, the sequin, the sparkle & the (faux) fur

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