14 Summer Dresses From Target Under $40

Not exactly one for fast fashion, I do fancy myself a Target dress. I think this started when they created the Who What Wear collection and I noticed a trend of classic lines and styling, nodding to trends rather than diving in head-first. However, I always say, if you're going to do a trend - do it for less, as there might not be a point in spending hundreds of dollars on something that just has a season or two of wear.

This collection has my perfect blend of basics, brights, some current trends (buttons and billowy sleeves) and can take you from a casual beach day to dinner, a party and even to work the next day - All for under $40!
Dig an and let me know what you love.

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Lisa + Joy Rose said...

I love the orange one with the bow... but I would hem it to be a bit shorter! Love you lady! Nice post.
xo! Lisa + Joy Rose.