Midweek Musings 6.5.19

Welcome back to Midweek Musings, where I highlight the loves as of late.

Scent Diffusers
On the heels of all the scaremongering (ok, not really, most of it is true) of the negative effects of candles on our air quality and the fact that I'm not a fan of kitten tails aflame, I've been really leaning into reed diffusers. Let's be honest, these have been around forever but the reason I haven't gone this route before is that this design is legit catnip for cats. Come on, little sticks in a glass jar? That's just begging to be knocked over! After some smart placement planning, I'm really loving the Voya diffuser in Cedarwood + Bergamot. The Restoration Hardware ones are surefire winners because they all smell fantastic (Belgian Linen, French Oak, Italian Leather + Provencal Bath) and don't have the wooden reeds - the wooden top just pops up.

Summer TV Watchlist
Saying goodbye to shows is seriously hard for me. That's why I still have the entire last season of VEEP, unwatched, on my DVR - waiting for me to be emotionally prepared to tuck into. I'm also waiting for that weird lull that will inevitably happen between shows. (Finger's crossed - I'll be ready to bid farewell to Selina Meyer then. I did name my meyer lemon tree after her. The ONLY plant I've successfully not killed - after many years of bringing her indoors every fall and winter.)

Anyway - getting back to the topic at hand - you should know by now that I don't watch any tv live - that is to say - everything gets DVR'd or watched on Netflix or the like so I legit have zero idea what day or time shows are on, we just sit down and see what's available that day.
I do, however, have a calendar of when everything I love starts - because - how else is a girl supposed to keep up with all the great tv going on these days? If you're still watching reruns of Friends and SATC - you're doing this to yourself. There is SO MUCH good tv out there.

Currently on the sched:
6/9 Big Little Lies - Season 2 
6/14 Jessica Jones - Season 3
7/4 Stranger Things - Season 3
8/9 GLOW - Season 3

Matchbook Bobbi Pin Set
Only good hair days ahead with this chic, pocket-sized bobbi pin set. Perfect for tossing in your handbag or beach bag to tame those summer fly-aways.

Cheers, darlings!

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Glam Karen said...

What a CHIC set of bobby pins! Love how they package them up... of course, I will lose them somehow (that's the destiny of bobby pins, I think!) but adore the look!
Karen | GlamKaren.com