Why I Choose To "Celebrate the Everyday"

I didn't think I'd write about this so soon but I just got off the phone with my husband, who I called in the middle of his workday, crying - because I physically can't get into the shower.

If you follow me on social media, Instagram specifically, you're likely aware of my health struggles over the past few years and if not, just know that I basically went from an extremely busy, vibrant, healthy woman to one who could barely get out of bed - seemingly overnight.
Many, many, many doctors, treatments, diagnosis, misdiagnosis and finally getting on the right course to then realizing that may have not been the right course all along. All this has taken time and more patience than I have most days.

The cost of this has sent me to places mentally and emotionally that I thought I'd never go to. Places that if you, as I did, - have never had to go to.

Before this, I had a great, fulfilling job, wonderful, supportive spouse, incredible friends and a community that I could prosper in and enjoy. None of that matters when the entire being that is you has been ripped from your core. When you cannot recognize yourself in the mirror. When you don't want to be Kimberly 2.0. You just want a sliver of the old you back. The you that one day woke up and due to nothing you can control is no longer there.
And no one can tell you why. Or how.

How do you wake up every day in a mind and body that no longer seems relative to you and keep going? Well for me  - I had a lot of support. And I found one thing a day to look forward to. One thing to celebrate. One everyday, ordinary thing. Like a favorite food or book or tv show or bath bomb.

Something. Anything.

I know it sounds silly or mundane and very "yeah, but how can this really work?" I don't know. I just needed anything, something to get me through the next five minutes. I  know that in a day of despair - I did it. In a good day of getting by - I did it. Some days I celebrate the things I'm grateful for and some days it's that I have someone to make me a PB&J. Somedays it's just the PB&J (haha).

Even if you're not struggling physically or medically, you could have too much on your plate. Kids, work, family, friends, volunteer commitments and everything that goes along with each of those carries its own weight. The key is balance and if I've learned one lesson from all of this - it's that I didn't have a good sense of that before. I thought I could do it all and all at the same time. I had no self-regulation, no balance, and my sense of self-care was definitely out of whack.
(PS - going to ALL the yoga classes and ALL the farmer's markets and exhausting yourself to ONLY eating clean is NOT a healthy form of self-care) Balance, baby.

I'm doing so much better health-wise and I'm in a MUCH BETTER place mentally and emotionally. But one of the main issues I struggle with physically is fatigue. I typically have the capacity to do about 10-20% of what I was able to do before and that's really hitting me hard lately.
I try to be smart about my schedule. When I have a few events in the same week and can barely get out of bed on Sunday I start to get worried. But the key is balance. I spent almost 2 years not leaving my house and that is not the answer.

We talk a lot about self-care. Daily - my goals are to shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, change out of pajamas and make the bed. That's it, kids. We're not talking make dinner or go to Target here. So when I can't do those - it's hard. (Celebrate the Everyday)

This week I went out for the first time in 5 days and I showered the night before (win!) so all I had to do was throw on some tinted moisturizer ( I have all the beauty hacks for you guys!) brush my hair and get dressed. But by then I was so fatigued that I had to nap before actually going anywhere. But hey, we made it out! (Celebrate the Everyday)

So today I'm not showered and still in my pj's and have no idea how I'm going to get hair, makeup, and real clothes on 2 days in a row this week but I'm sure I'll figure something out and IT. WILL. BE. FABULOUS.

I'll always be Celebrating the Everyday - even when I get this thing figured out. For today I've got leftovers in the fridge that my husband made, 3 snuggly bengal kittens that have been pretty good at sleeping through the night and fresh sheets on the bed!

Cheers darlings!


Amanda said...

Thank you for having the courage to openly share not just your journey but also a practice that Scott and I have started incorporating into our daily lives because of you. It's helped a lot, and it's a habit I think we could all stand to incorporate a bit of. Thank you for talking about it.

Shibani said...

We could all benefit from celebrating one thing every day. Thanks for sharing your story ❤️

Lisa Annette said...

Girl, you know I understand this. Taking things one day at a time, (or even moment) can be helpful. Being brave to share your journey and talking about it I find healing in too. I’m grateful for you to have this new space, a supportive husband, and snugly kittens. Oh and ALL the other things that simply make you feel good! I love you. Lisa + Joy Rose. Xo!