style mistakes that are ruining your look

 We spend a lot of time on our style. Some are fashion obsessed, scouring all the best sites for the latest style, while creating their own personal look. Some simply want to look pulled together and put their best foot forward. A simple inadvertent mistake can leave you looking messy without even realizing it.

Leaving stickers on bottom of shoes

This is so easily missed. Excited to throw on that new pair and running out of the house without realizing it.

Not steaming or ironing clothes

This is the quickest way to show you didn't put much thought into it. It just looks lazy. If you're wondering if it's passable - it's not

Wearing the wrong undergarments

The three most common I see:                                                                                                                         

 - bra strap showing (unless that's the look you're going for)

- not wearing spanx when you NEED to. (convince me that this hasn't happened to everyone)

- the entire outline of your bra shows through your top

Scuffed shoes or anything that shows they haven't been taken care of

Take a look in your closet - if they aren't worth repairing then why are they there. If they are take, them to a cobbler. You'd be surprised how affordable this is especially for a favorite pair

Lint or animal fur

You can never have too many lint rollers. I have a few in the house, one in my car, a mini is my purse, and at work. That's probably a little obsessive but we have three cats

Chipped nail polish

No matter who you are or what you're wearing, you've instantly devalued your look. Just remove it before you leave the house. I beg you. If you wear gel polish and can't get into the salon, learn how to remove it yourself

Lipstick on your teeth

THIS IS ME. Anyone who knows me knows that your only job when we're together is to alert. If you have any tips or tricks for this, send them my way. (I've already tried: filling in with liner, blotting, powder, finger trick (sounds so weird) and using a lip brush

Shoes that don't fit

It's always notable when someone's wearing shoes that are too big or too tight. This can sometimes be remedied by the aforementioned cobbler. If they're simply too high, walk around in them and see if you get more comfortable. Know your heel limit if this doesn't work

Not checking the back of your hair

We spend most of our time on the front that it's easy to forget to check the back before heading out the door


Shibani said...

LOL I’m notorious for not checking the back of my hair. And the dog hair on my clothes 😆

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